social interactions in your life. facts:

10000 people

we interact with in an average lifetime

12 opportunities

to interact offline everyday in urban areas

50% healthier

physically, when having a positive social health

how to strategize all this?


write down

this is the best way to become aware. be concise. don’t log everything – be selective.


who is involved?

some people are more important to you than others


the impact..

evaluate critical parameters like positiveness, emotional level. parameters make taking strategic decisions easy.


do the right thing

choose what to tell yourself. choose what to tell others. find win-wins.


align stats with goals

your strategy represents what you want. your stats represent what you are doing about it. they should be aligned.

start strategizing now

strategizing interactions is simple.
start doing it yourself now with the nice free template that we created for you.
because life belongs to those who find pleasure in strategizing it 😉

..or use smart tech!

Be in control of who gets your energy today.
And be aware why.
With the Zenegant Zelfpy app. 

*currently supported languages: English.

what our users say

The Zenegant Zelfpy app is committed to support 

millions worldwide

who aim to live
a clearer, more structured
and rich social life.

Great app for doing smart stakeholder management for my projects. It helps me remember who is important and who deserves the concessions that I make. I sleep better at night..


Project Manager

Better than Facebook or Twitter as the only one you “show off” to in the app is to a better self. Big shout out to Zenegant for Zelfpy! 



Wow, I play the social game by my rules now.. 🙂


Freelance Artist,

As a sensitive person, it helps when I write down things that bothered me throughout the day and couldn’t process them. I like to get insights that encourage me to seek positive interactions and positive side of things.


Healthcare Assistant

I like creating things. Sometimes I work for hours without talking to anyone. Now I realize how interactions can enrich my life. 



I am interested in personal development. I was not aware that I was dependent on other people’s validation before. Now I am the one who validates and sends positive touches to others. It is such an enriching experience.

Name withheld


made for personal
and pro usage

Be in control of who gets your energy today.
And be aware why.

*currently supported languages: English.

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