Be strategic

..and enjoy it!

Intelligent technology for your thoughts. 


Every journey starts with you being more mindful about your actions.



Confidence is all about knowing what to do and doing it.


Mental strength is a muscle. It can be trained to be strong and resilient.

Being strategic requires and reinforces self-discipline. This ability to build and follow a plan (that is sometimes counter-intuitive) is what makes us superior to other animals. This ability makes us humans.

Strategizing can become a habit. And technology can help building it. Reading personal development books, watching presentations, attending workshops, using “brain training” apps to count circles and squares – all these activities help people change.. something. But they fail to be there for you exactly when you need them the most: 

in the heat of a real life situation

food for thought
Woman with balloons - who are the important people in life

Who are the important people in life

We interact with 10000 people in our lifetime. That’s a lot of energy. Are you aware who are the important people in life?
Man and woman in business suits are about to enter a strange wild west saloon

A simple way to build self-confidence

There is one thing and one thing only that, if applied consistently, builds self-confidence easily. So, what is this mysterious simple thing?

A person who is able to understand, accept and change who they are becomes self reliant.

How to become self reliant and how it helps

Being self reliant means that you are strong and confident because you know how other people function. And you get there by knowing how you function first.

Why Focusing on the Perceived Impact of a Situation is Actually Useful

We may have the tendency to ignore perceptions and search for “facts” and “reality”. Should we do so when evaluating the impact of a situation on ourselves?

The Overlooked Process of Assessing Positiveness of Interactions

We “know” when a situation is positive or negative. Aren’t we? Let’s take a closer look..