Hi-Tech Psychologist

Who we are

Zenegant is a young deep tech company aiming to strategise through technology the way humans handle their social and emotional interactions, for a happier and more meaningful life. We are passionate about the beauty and the biases of the human mind, in a society who needs the next generation of tools, in order to shift from politics, manipulation and consumerism to mindful collaboration, purpose and value. Our working culture encourages debates of ideas, partnerships rather than hierarchies, self learning and innovating with passion, in a friendly professional family.
Options of remote work, flexible working hours, options of part-time or full time positions are available.

Who are we looking for

We are welcoming a part-time passionate hi-tech psychologist ‘to be’ who is willing to pioneer the next generation of artificial intelligence psychologists, combining psychology and technology to research and develop the next generation of intelligent cognitive assistants who will change the world.
While previous professional experience in the field of psychology is definitely a plus, we are excited to talk to candidates who do not have formal working experience, or have not graduated yet, but can passionately demonstrate the ability to deeply understand and change the shallowness of the human mind.

What will you do

  • Partner with the team with the ultimate goal of offering value to our end users
    Identify psychological patterns (cognitive, communication, decision making, needs and flaws, etc) and design ways to effectively influence them from the perspective of a software application
  • Design small and large scale (social) experiments to confirm proof of concepts
  • Analyse (mass) usage data and identify trends and patterns specific to various cultural and social cohorts
  • Advise marketing and product teams to improve the usability of Zenegant software products and strategies
  • Career wise, you will not lose contact with first hand psychological practice and therapy

Your strengths

  • Curiosity to learn and be better than yesterday. Confident in taking justified half baked decisions. Ability to work with remote teams/stakeholders. Eager to change the world.
  • Willingness to explore various technologies (data science, neuroscience basics, UI/UX) that can enable you to effectively tailor psychological solutions to hi-tech products
  • Independent self learner
  • High analytical and introspection skills.
  • A philosophical touch (on stoicism) is a big plus
  • Knowledge of CBT and NLP is a plus