Zenegants are tech assistants who know what to do and how humans think, and use this delicate knowledge to elevate them. They may not speak yet (actually they started to), but they still help wise people to manage their emotions, to take better communication decisions, to stay consistent with their responses in sensitive situations and to improve their emotional and social skills, for their own benefit, and for a better society.

The team is enthusiastic about the beauty of the human brain. We are also enthusiastic about its flaws – the genetic or educational burdens that we have to fight against from birth to death, if we want to achieve our spoken and unspoken goals in life. We take thousands of decisions every day and we interact with more than ten thousand people in a lifetime, yet we were taught less structure in interacting with others than we were taught when we passed our driving license. This is the right time for structured communication skillsets to become effortlessly available to everyone. This is the right time for Zenegant Superhuman.